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Attract Hire Retain Military Veteran Talent

Attract, Hire, and Retain Military Veteran Talent

FREE SEMINAR – HR professionals can learn about resources and best practices to recruit, retain, and support military veterans, and the benefits of hiring veteran candidates.

2/23/2023 – 2/23/2023

9 AM

Learn how to master skills as a first-time supervisor with UMKC TalentLink's course

Essential Skills for First Time Supervisors

You’ve taken the next career step into a supervisory or management role, now what? Learn how to gain and strengthen skills to succeed with your new responsibilities, overcome self-doubt, and motivate your team to achieve results.

2/20/2023 – 3/1/2023

2:00 PM

Learn How to Optimize Business Data Drive Decision Making from UMKC TalentLInk

Optimize Your Business Through Data-Driven Decision Making

Use data-driven decision-making to transform strategic plans into smart operational practices and fuel growth. Learn how a software company used this approach to forecast, execute, and track plans. 

02/21/23 – 02/21/23

9:00 AM

Mastering Mindfulness Everyday

Mastering Mindfulness Everyday

Participants explore mindfulness and its effect on your personal and professional life. Gain tools to improve wellbeing in- and out of the office.

02/16/2023 – 02/16/2023

10:30 AM

Adobe Certified Professional Video Design

Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop skills and prepare for the Adobe Certified Professional in Video Design exam.

Open enrollment

CompTIA IT Fundamentals (Voucher Included)

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam is designed to help you learn more about the world of information technology (IT) and is ideal if you’re considering a career in IT or if you work in an allied field that requires a broad understanding of IT.

Open Enrollment

Technical Writer - Examine the field of technical writing, learn how to write within any technical writing context, and develop your own portfolio.

Technical Writer

Examine the field of technical writing, learn how to write within any technical writing context, and develop your own portfolio. Students will also prepare for the Certified Professional Technical Communicator exam.

Open Enrollment

Salesforce: Power User

Learn best practices and techniques for using Salesforce Lightning, the world’s top customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Open enrollment

Certified Life Coach

Certified Professional Life Coach (Exam Included)

This certification course teaches the critical skills needed to establish a successful business as a certified life coach.

Open Enrollment

UMKC TalentLink offers courses in Mastering Project Management PMP to prepare for certification

Mastering Project Management with PMP® Prep

Gain a deeper understanding of project management concepts and applications in the workplace, including how to select, plan, execute, control and complete projects.

Open Enrollment

Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP)

Train to become a Certified Supply Chain Professional exam. This course covers all facets of supply chain management.

Open Enrollment

Cisco CCNA Certification Training (Voucher Included)

Take the next step in your IT career by preparing for the Cisco CCNA certification exam. You’ll master certification-based topics for networking essentials, so you can implement and administer Cisco solutions. Exam voucher included in enrollment.

Open Enrollment

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About UMKC TalentLink

UMKC TalentLink provides expert-led professional development and training for those seeking practical career skills and knowledge. TalentLink also works directly with local businesses to upskill employees and develop talent. Training courses and certificate programs are available in-person and virtually, instructor-led or self-paced, and can be tailored and designed to meet an employer’s development needs. 

Whether your goal is to advance your career, change fields, or improve your team’s performance, UMKC TalentLink can help you achieve your goals.

Who is UMKC TalentLink for?

UMKC TalentLink can help you achieve your goals. We offer courses, workshops, and certificate programs that help you build practical career skills. Get the training you need with short, focused training. Learn more below. 


Invest in employee training to build skills, improve performance and business competitiveness, and retain employees. TalentLink works directly with businesses to upskill employees and provide training that meets your development needs.


Enhance your professional skills through our non-credit courses. Earn a certificate to advance your career and reach your goals through virtual and in-person training that is instructor led or self-paced.


Learn about UMKC TalentLink’s resources and courses that help veterans and active military acquire credentials and certificates that can help you transition to a civilian career.

Recent Posts

Get to know our expert instructors and UMKC faculty through Q&A interviews. Glean insight about upcoming trends and skills-based needs in the job market. Learn why gaining skills makes sense to achieve your goals. 

UMKC Business Communication professor Erin Blocher

Workplace Insights: Improve Multigenerational Workforce Communication

UMKC Business Communication professor Erin Blocher discusses how to improve multigenerational workforce communication at the Bridging Generations in the Workplace Conference.

Christel Gollnick leads a presentation at the Bridging Generations in the Workplace conference.

Workplace Insights: Navigating Intergenerational Workforce Differences 

Roots & Rounds founder Christel Gollnick discusses intergenerational differences at the Bridging Generations in the Workplace Conference.

Become an Allied Healthcare Professional with MedCerts training available through UMKC TalentLink.

Become An Allied Healthcare Professional

The Allied Healthcare Professional online program, available through UMKC TalentLink and MedCerts, prepares graduates for in-demand jobs and careers.

Panelists discussed Certifications for Digital Media at the 2023 KC Imagine Conference: Creating the Future of Digital Media in KC.

KC Imagine Panel Discusses Merits of Certification For Digital Media Careers  

Panelists discussed Certifications for Digital Media at the 2023 KC Imagine Conference: Creating the Future of Digital Media in KC.

UMKC TalentLink and MedCerts work with hospitals to address staffing shortages and build talent pipelines.

Building a Talent Pipeline to Address Hospital Staffing Shortages

UMKC TalentLink and MedCerts work with hospitals to build talent pipelines in response to staffing shortages.

University of Missouri-Kansas City TalentLink Partnership with MedCerts Brings Allied Healthcare Training to Students and a New Talent Pool to the Greater Kansas City Area

University of Missouri-Kansas City TalentLink (UMKC TalentLink) has partnered with MedCerts, an online certification training provider in allied healthcare and information technology, to offer MedCerts healthcare training programs to local talent.

Haley Prophet

Mindfulness Matters: Five Questions with Haley Prophet

Haley Prophet teaches Mastering Mindfulness Everyday. Adding mindfulness to your daily practice can empower you personally and professionally.

Independence Chamber of Commerce luncheon with Candice Haines of UMKC TalentLink

Independence Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

Business development director Candice Haines represented UMKC TalentLink, host of the Independence Chamber of Commerce’s November luncheon.

UMKC TalentLink Community Launch

Photo Gallery From UMKC TalentLink’s Community Launch

A photo gallery from UMKC TalentLink’s Community Launch, featuring speaker Jennifer Schnack of T-Mobile discussing workforce training and talent development.

Jennifer Schnack of T-Mobile delivers remarks on workforce development at UMKC TalentLink's Community Launch.

War For Talent Drives Training Needs at T-Mobile And Other Companies

Jennifer Schnack, Vice President of Employee Talent, Development & Experience at T-Mobile emphasized the importance of talent development and training to optimize workforces at TalentLink’s Community Launch event.

Sales enablement optimizes the process and outcome for successful sales.

How to Set the Table and Close the Deal Through Sales Enablement

Instructor and product marketing expert Seth Kakuske explains why the tools and process of sales enablement helps product salespeople improve success rates.

UMKC TalentLink announces partnership with South Kansas City Workforce Development Center

UMKC TalentLink Announces Partnership With South Kansas City Workforce Development Center

UMKC TalentLink and the South Kansas City Workforce Development Center agreed to partner recently to provide employee training programs. TalentLink will also host office hours each month at the WDC.

UMKC TalentLink

UMKC TalentLink Community Launch

UMKC TalentLink will host an event on October 21 to mark UMKC Engagement Month, highlight our professional development mission and programs, and to celebrate our official community launch.

Warren Wandling leads the course Essential Skills for First Time Supervisors.

Five Questions With Warren Wandling About Essential Skills for First Time Supervisors

Instructor Warren Wandling discusses some supervisory skills taught in his certificate program, Essential Skills for First Time Supervisors.

Tomayto, Tomahto, Certification, Certificate

Certification and certificate are often used interchangeably as forms of alternative credentials. However, they are distinct and represent two different pathways and outcomes to professional development and training. Let’s discuss the difference.

UMKC Business Communication professor Erin Blocher

Video: Erin Blocher Discusses Factors that Impact Effective Email and Digital Communication

Learn more UMKC business communication professor Erin Blocher’s course Effective Email and Digital Communication.

Jermaine Jamison leads a course on fostering inclusion in the workplace

Video: Jermaine Jamison Discusses Inclusion in the Workplace

Jermaine Jamison discusses several key points about the importance of inclusion in the workplace and other topics he explores in his workshop, Fostering an Inclusive Workplace Environment.

Krista Shelton

Charity Fraud: Five Questions With Forensic Accounting Expert Krista Shelton

Forensic accounting is a formidable tool to audit and verify the accuracy of financial records. Charity Fraud: A Look Inside the Federal Investigation of Former NBA Player Kermit Washington sheds light on how forensic accounting uncovered fraudulence.

UMKC Business Communication professor Erin Blocher

Six Questions With Erin Blocher: Effective Email and Digital Communication

Erin Blocher, an assistant professor of business communication at the UMKC Bloch School of Management answers questions about Effective Email and Digital Communication.

Jermaine Jamison leads a course on fostering inclusion in the workplace

Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace: Five Questions With Jermaine Jamison

Inclusion has become a more common term in business vernacular, but what does it actually mean to put it into practice? In our interview below, Jermaine Jamison offers insight into the question based on years of experience.

The Case for Credentials and Certificates

UMKC TalentLink provides several courses that include a certificate upon completion. A recent survey underscored how valuable and prevalent alternate credentials have become for U.S. employers and workers. We share some key findings below based on recent research.

Fifth Friday coffee in North Kansas City for the Northland Regional Chamber

Fifth Friday Coffee: Networking With Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce

UMKC TalentLink was pleased to sponsor the Northland Regional Chamber of Commerce Fifth Friday Coffee in April.

Data Visualization With R: Five Questions With Dr. Neal Wilson

Dr. Neal Wilson, who teaches Data Visualization With R, answers five questions about how he uses the programming language in his data analysis work.

Essential Financial Skills instructor Nathan Mauck

Essential Financial Skills: Five Questions With Dr. Nathan Mauck

Understanding accounting and finance terminology is an essential skill for leaders and managers throughout an organization. Taught by UMKC faculty Dr. Nathan Mauck and business leader William Kay, the Essential Financial Skills Certificate consists of four live instructor-led courses that demystify financial terminology.

Python instructor Dr Jin Yao

Dr. Jin Yao Uses Python and Data Analysis to Support Decisions Impacting Johnson County Government Resources

5 Questions With Dr. Jin Yao, a senior data analyst with the government of Johnson County, Kansas, who teaches Python Boot Camp.

Demand Remains Strong for Project Managers. Here’s How to Prepare For a Project Management Career.

UMKC TalentLink commissioned research on professional development and learning among large employers and executives in the Kansas City region. Findings indicated that project management and data analytics are two of the top priorities that people seek to develop career skills.

Dr. Alex Francisco leads data analysis courses for UMKC TalentLink

5 Questions With Dr. Alex Francisco, Instructor of Introduction to Data Analytics

Demand for data analysts isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Hiring of data analysts and operations analysts is projected to grow 25 percent through 2030, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Analysts play a vital role in banking, insurance, healthcare, and industries that rely on data to forecast growth and interpret trends.

Tuan Tran

Gaining Data Analytics Skills Helped Tuan Tran Earn Promotion

Work experience alone isn’t always enough to advance your career in a changing industry. Tuan Tran has worked in the property and casualty insurance industry for nearly twelve years. He knew he needed to acquire data analysis skills as part of his professional growth. Tran earned a promotion to a data analyst position on the operations team at his employer after completing several courses at UMKC.

Professional Development Improves Employee Retention. Here’s Why.

Companies continue to struggle with hiring and retaining quality employees during the Great Resignation. More than ever, retaining employees is critical for companies to maintain smooth operations, stay competitive, and plan for growth. UMKC TalentLink provides professional development that helps business invest in their people and retain employees. It’s a critical strategy for a challenging time.

UMKC TalentLink executive director Jake Akehurst at Greater KC Veterans Career Fair

In The Community – Greater Kansas City Veterans Career Fair

UMKC TalentLink and UMKC Student Veteran Support Services attended the Greater Kansas City Veterans Career Fair on February 4, 2022, at Union Station. We met with a wide range of veterans and service members from the region.

Dr. Alex Francisco leads data analysis courses for UMKC TalentLink

Dr. Alex Francisco Leads Introduction to Data Analytics

Real-world experience meets practical knowledge in the upcoming course Introduction to Data Analytics. Dr. Alex Francisco (PhD, University of Missouri Kansas City), senior population health scientist and statistician at the Kansas City Health Department, leads the non-degree course.

UMKC TalentLink

Visit UMKC TalentLink at Fifth Annual Greater Kansas City Veterans Career Fair

UMKC TalentLink is a proud co-sponsor of the 5th Annual Greater Kansas City Veterans Career Fair on Friday, February 4, 1-4 pm, located at Union Station, 30 W. Pershing Rd.


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