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May 1, 2024

Haley Grayless Leads Workshop With This Important Focus for Aspiring and Emerging Leaders

by Pete Dulin

Leadership development coach Haley Grayless of Växa Collective reveals three Essential Pillars of Leadership Success in an interactive three-session workshop, June 18-20, 9 to 11am. Her workshop is design to build and strengthen skills for newer leaders, especially at the early stage of their career path. Participants learn the “how to’s,” takeaway tools, and best practices for being a successful leader.

“Leaders will gain inspiring insights around how they can build their skills around communicating as a great leader. Aspiring and emerging leaders will feel more prepared about their path toward successful management and leadership skills,” says Grayless.

Below, Grayless shares more insight into the workshop and her approach to teaching others about developing leadership skills.

My approach to leadership development is different from others by being fun and interactive. I’ve gone through lots of so-so leadership trainings that make it all about being a typical “professional,” where it seems like the way you must lead is the same, cookie cutter approach. Instead, I help leaders understand how they like to naturally lead. They learn how their team members need to be led based on the culture of their company and what their needs and goals are as a team. 

I’m also pretty informal, so it’s a great chance to make leadership development fun and not feel so restrictive. 

Ew, no. We’re not managing robots or machines. We’re managing human beings who have a unique set of values, personality traits, strengths, interests, and neurodivergence. By managing each person on your team in the way that’s the best fit for them, you’re way more likely to get them to achieve the goals you’re looking for; as well as be more influential as a leader overall. 

Yes, we will cover the differences in mindset between generations in the workplace and how to collaborate more effectively.

Performance accountability is the part that ties it all together. While working toward a specific goal, accountability is what helps us know if we’ve achieved the measurable metric we’ve been striving for together. Sharing your expectations clearly and consistently with your team is the best way to set everyone up for success.  The better coaching from the leaders, the easier it will be to hold your team accountable. 

I’m a big believer in the quote from Simon Sinek, “As a leader your job isn’t to be served; it’s to serve… Being a leader isn’t about being in charge, it’s about caring for those in your charge.” Humility and curiosity are two of the most important traits a leader can have in order to be successful and continuously effective. 

It’s hugely important. As studies show, having a strong level of psychological safety on your team is the most important factor a team can have in order to be high-performing. Psychological safety means a team can be vulnerable and open with each other without fear of retaliation, humiliation, or opportunities being taken from them. They can fail (within reason), ask questions, speak up, and bring their full selves to work. 

This is going to be a lot of fun and will set you up for success. Bring your positive attitudes and questions for me. We’ll make this workshop series as applicable to you as possible.