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May 23, 2024

Congratulations, Leadership Leawood Class 2024

by Pete Dulin

Leadership Leawood graduation class 2024

Congratulations to the inaugural 2024 Leadership Leawood graduates on completing their leadership training program. The  five-month program took participants on a deep dive into the community and explored their individual leadership and learning styles.

Tami Lorenzen, Sarah Riley, Dori Stayton, Sharon Carey Fanning, Brent Blazek, Cristine Lindholm, Derek Stephens, Michelle Kriks, Matt Peppes, Kelly Brucher, Christa Viloria, Dr. Gwen Landever, Stephanie Adams, Kristy Shepard, Samantha Murry, Jessica Crandall, Sierra Debrow, Brett McMahon, Brad Robbins, and Shea Callahan represented this year’s graduating class of leaders prepared to apply their skills in the community.

UMKC TalentLink and expert facilitator Warren Wandling were pleased to work with the Leawood Chamber and provide professional development for Leadership Leawood. Thanks to Taylor LimogesStephanie Meyer, MPAMelisa Cull, and the Chamber for the opportunity to partner and help grow the next wave of local leaders.

Developed and led by expert facilitator Warren Wandling, our Leadership With Purpose certificate program available through UMKC TalentLink guides participants in how to lead successfully with a purpose and plan. Learn how we can collaborate with your organization to deliver practical leadership skills development training.