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March 29, 2023

Building Durable Skills Adds Value

by Pete Dulin

Jeremy Gray durable skills training

UMKC TalentLink is thrilled to work with clients like City Union Mission and to provide training for individuals as part of our Durable Skills certificate program. Led by expert instructors like Jeremy Gray, participants prepare for workplace success by learning critical soft skills such as communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving.

“Getting program participants ready for long-term work success is an important part of our Mission Works initiative,” said City Union Mission.

Teaching durable skills to participants seeking to advance in the workforce.
Instructor Jeremy Gray leads a Durable Skills certificate program for a cohort seeking to advance their career.

Known also as soft skills or essential skills, durable skills include critical thinking, communication, collaboration, mindfulness, and creativity. Other durable skills relate to character, such as fortitude, growth mindset, and leadership. Individuals can possess and develop these skills regardless of their career path, education level, and other demographic factors.  

UMKC TalentLink has highlighted the demand for durable skills at every level of the workforce including management, accomplished employees, and new hires. Human resource leaders and talent acquisition specialists understand the need for prospective hires who have these skills. Locally, 1.2 million Missouri jobs or 55% of job postings in 2019-2020 demanded at least one durable skill. 

Employer interest in durable skills cuts across every industry. Research findings show that 91 percent of management jobs, 86 percent of business operations jobs, and 81 percent of engineering jobs demand durable skills.  These skills are needed in hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, and other fields.

UMKC TalentLink offers Durable Skills training for businesses, nonprofits, and organizations. Contact us to learn about durable skills training that works.

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