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July 27, 2023

Become A Surgical Technologist

by Pete Dulin

surgical technologist

Work alongside and assist surgeons, nurses, and other members of the healthcare team throughout a surgical operation. Powered by MedCerts, our Surgical Technologist training enables you to learn how to provide clinical care but also learn how to complete medical administrative tasks. Also known as Operating Room Technicians, are exposed to intense sights, smells and sounds, and must remain calm in high-stress, life-or-death scenarios. Individuals interested in this program must be prepared to work in these non-traditional environments.

Hundreds of surgical technologist and operating room tech positions advertised by local healthcare employers range on average from $33,000-58,000 in annual income. Demand for qualified entry-level and experienced personnel remains strong.

Let’s look at what a surgical technologist does and the steps you can take to earn certification through UMKC TalentLink’s online healthcare training partner MedCerts.

What Does a Surgical Technologist Do? 

The role of a Surgical Technologist is to prepare operating rooms, arrange equipment, prepare patients, and assist doctors during surgeries. They have the unique opportunity to interact with patients prior to (pre), during (intra), and after (post) surgical procedures.

Before surgery, a tech assembles the necessary surgical equipment and ensures all devices are in working order. Techs prepare patients for surgery by positioning, draping, washing and disinfecting the incision site. During an operation, they will pass sterile instruments and supplies to surgeons. They might hold retractors or set up robotic surgical equipment.

After surgery, techs often dress the incision site, transport patients to their recovery rooms, and restock the operating room with supplies and equipment.

Watch The Surgical Technologist Program Sneak Peek

How Do I Get Started?

Request more information from UMKC TalentLink’s healthcare training partner MedCerts about the Surgical Technologist program. A MedCerts representative will contact you to share program information and answer your questions. 

During the 18-week Surgical Technologist online program, students learn essential knowledge that can help them earn certification and secure a job with a healthcare employer.