• Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Strategic Thinking 
power skills for project management

Power Skills are abilities and behaviors that facilitate working with others. As recognized by the Project Management Institute, successful project management requires four essential skills for project managers – Communication, Problem-solving, Collaborative Leadership and Strategic Thinking. 

Led by expert instructor Desiree Bosch, this intensive workshop teaches these key skills to improve performance as a project manager at any level.

Is communication or problem-solving a primary concern? We can tailor group training to focus on one or more of the Power Skills.

Pulse of the Profession® 2023, 14th Edition | Project Management Institute

Communication in project management requires exchange of information, ideas, and feedback between stakeholders. Smooth, clear communication is necessary to keep all stakeholders informed, engaged, and aligned with the project’s objectives and progress. This critical skill also ensures effective planning, execution, and successful project completion. 

Further, clear communication promotes better understanding, coordination, and collaboration among team members and stakeholders. This power skill also reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings, delays, and costly mistakes. 

Communication skills are the heartbeat to managing projects through active listening, clear articulation, and adaptability.

power skills for project management

Problem-solving is a critical competency for project managers as they encounter various challenges and obstacles throughout the project lifecycle. Effective problem-solving skills enable project managers to analyze issues, identify potential solutions, and make informed decisions to keep the project on track. 

By developing problem-solving skills, project managers can effectively navigate the challenges and complexities of projects, ensure smooth execution, and deliver successful outcomes. Problem-solving is a continuous process, and project managers must be committed to ongoing improvement and adaptability to meet the ever-changing demands of their projects.

Collaborative leadership by a project manager involves fostering a work environment that encourages teamwork, open communication, and active participation among project team members and stakeholders. It goes beyond traditional top-down management and involves inclusive decision-making, shared responsibilities, and collective problem-solving.

With a collaborative leadership approach, project managers can create a highly motivated, engaged, and efficient team. Collaboration leads to improved project outcomes, increased innovation, and better problem-solving capabilities. Collaborative leadership fosters ownership and accountability among team members, which contributes to the project’s overall success.

Strategic thinking by a project manager involves the ability to see the big picture, anticipate future challenges and opportunities, and align projects with organizational goals. It also focuses on long-term planning, analysis, and decision-making. 

By applying strategic thinking, project managers can position their projects as contributing to the organization’s success, ensuring that project outcomes align with long-term goals and vision. 

Desiree Bosch

Congruent Connections founder Desiree Bosch empowers executives with processes and tools to align strategies with project delivery to move the business forward. As a business advisor and workshop facilitator, she specializes in organizational excellence and facilitates workshops to improve organizational health. She has more than 25 years of experience in program and project management, including experience in industries such as mechanical engineering, software engineering, insurance, management consulting, organ procurement organizations, government administration, and construction.

PMI PowerSkills – Foundation, Strategic Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving.

Pulse of the Profession® 2023, 14th Edition | Project Management Institute

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