Essential Skills for First Time Supervisors certificate program available through UMKC TalentLink

We Help Your New Leaders Become Effective Leaders.

Strengthen Management Skills
With UMKC TalentLink.

Hiring and retaining experienced supervisors, managers, and leaders is tough in this economy. 

Low unemployment makes it challenging to find and hire proven talent. Industry layoffs lead to leadership gaps. Leadership dilemmas emerge as employees change jobs or quit.

Placing inexperienced people into supervisory, management, or leadership roles isn’t an effective solution.  

Our Essential Skills for First-Time Supervisors certificate program can help strengthen leadership skills, whether you’re promoting talent from within or developing a new hire.

The program covers several core areas, including but not limited to:

  • Accomplish the Transition from Peer to Supervisor
  • Supervision & Leadership Strategies for Success
  • Communicate to Connect with your Team and Customers
  • Coaching for Performance


Leadership Skills Training That Works


Upskill new leaders with focused training in four sessions.


Our expert instructor offers live interactive training with active participation.

Practical Learning

Research-based session topics prepare participants for real-world application.


Employees are more likely to stay and seek advancement when companies invest in their career development. 

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