UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge's partnership provides high-quality manufacturing skills training for your workforce.

Manufacturing Skills Training That Works

UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge’s partnership provides high-quality manufacturing skills training for your workforce. Our online training increases knowledge and strengthens skillsets in workers. Each training course is effective, engaging, and measurable. As a small to mid-size manufacturer, you gain a training solution that doesn’t take resources away from growing the business, handling human resource operations, and managing.

We provide focused, effective training so your company can do what it does best.

How Our Online Manufacturing Skills Training Helps Your Business

  • Provides a consistent training program
  • Makes training affordable
  • Increases flexibility for completion with online courses
  • Reduces need for fundamental on-the-job skills training
  • Frees HR and managers to focus on other tasks
  • Provides a clear learning pathway for growth through dedicated training
  • Increases employee retention by investing in workforce development

What Manufacturing Training Courses Are Available?

UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge offer fundamental skills training in the following areas. Click the link to view course options.

How Does Training Work?

By Course – Employees complete online courses in a specific area listed above, whether taking one at a time or several. These fundamental courses help onboard and upskill new hires and employees transitioning into a new role.

Custom Training – We develop cost-effective options based on your need to train multiple people, both current employees and future new hires. Need training in different areas of study? We work with you to understand your needs and develop a solution together. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Step One: Contact us to share your training needs by completing the form below.
  • Step Two: A member of our UMKC TalentLink team will connect with you to learn more.
  • Step Three: We’ll suggest existing or custom online training that meets employees’ needs.

Let’s create a training and development plan that meets your needs.

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UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge's partnership provides high-quality manufacturing skills training for your workforce.

About UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, UMKC TalentLink provides expert-led professional development and training for individuals seeking practical career skills. TalentLink also works directly with businesses and nonprofits to upskill employees and develop talent through in-person, online, and onsite training.

WorkForge designs, implements, and hosts engaging E-learning solutions for manufacturers focused on solving the skills gaps that come with training a modern-day workforce and collecting the data needed to drive operational excellence on the production floor. The company provides the tools and insights critical to building a scalable and sustainable workforce, including configurable digital career pathways, streamlining analog work instructions into digital paths, hybrid-based supervisor development programs, and a high-touch enablement process that leverages people and technology. For more information, visit