Learn Manufacturing Skills Online

Through UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge, you can complete manufacturing skills training online for maximum flexibility. Our affordable training prepares you for work in manufacturing as you develop expertise over time.

Learn about a specific field and the key principles, tools, and skills you need to get started and advance your career. Each course contains a series of short video-based modules that includes animation, game-based learning, and voice-over instruction. 

Manufacturing Areas of Study (Scroll down for details)

  • Aerospace
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • Food Safety and Production
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Introduction to Manufacturing Careers
  • Robotics
  • Welding

Completing manufacturing skills training gives you a strong foundation of knowledge that can be applied on the job. Our training is ideal for people preparing to enter a manufacturing field seeking to increase their knowledge and skills. Developing basic skills prepares you to learn more process-specific information, technical knowledge, and industry insights.

How to Get Started

  • Choose Your Training – Explore the training options below. Click on “course details” for more information.
  • Register and Purchase – On the course detail page, click “add to cart” and follow the prompts to register for the course.
  • Receive Your Access Email: We will send you an email with the details you’ll need to access and complete your online training course. Please allow 1-2 business days to receive access to your course.
  • Complete Your Training: Our 100% online training means you can complete the course from anywhere with 24/7 access to fit your schedule.

What Manufacturing Skills Training Courses Are Available?

Intro to Manufacturing Careers

In Level 1, learners begin with an examination of the world of manufacturing as a closed system, interconnected through its component parts. They then go on to review sample careers within the field.

Level 2 explores further careers in manufacturing involving sophisticated tools and technologies. Learners focus on specific fields within manufacturing and the key principles and tools that drive those careers.


Aerospace Assembly Technician
Learners on this pathway gain the familiarization and basic understand of aircraft structures and systems to help them start a career in aerospace manufacturing.

Aerospace Quality Technician
Our Aerospace Quality Technician training focuses on the testing of materials and systems used in aerospace and other industries.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

CNC Fabrication – With this training, you will explore the processes of computer numerical code (CNC) fabrication and manufacturing.

CNC Lathe Operator – In this training, you will focus on the operation and maintenance of the computer numerical control (CNC) lathe used in the manufacturing process.

Food Safety

Food Safety Quality and Production – Gain knowledge related to the safe production of food for commercial sale and distribution. This course emphasizes the possible risks of food contamination in production and focus on preventative steps to minimize risk.

Industrial Maintenance

Industrial Maintenance Technician – This training focuses on the concepts, tools and materials involved with advanced manufacturing procedures. Skills covered include the seven areas of expertise that introduce knowledge of the drills, taps, dies, countersinks and cutting tools used in the manufacturing process.


Robotics Technician – With this training, you will study a wide variety of manufacturing disciplines that apply to robotic technology and focus on robot design, elements, and controls.


Production Welding – You will be introduced to the basic tools of welding and their application to the manufacturing process. Special attention is paid to the types of metal to which welds will be applied and to the designs and drawings welders use to determine where to make the welds.

About UMKC TalentLink and WorkForge

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, UMKC TalentLink provides expert-led professional development and training for individuals seeking practical career skills. TalentLink also works directly with businesses and nonprofits to upskill employees and develop talent through in-person, online, and onsite training.

WorkForge designs, implements, and hosts engaging E-learning solutions for manufacturers focused on solving the skills gaps that come with training a modern-day workforce and collecting the data needed to drive operational excellence on the production floor. The company provides the tools and insights critical to building a scalable and sustainable workforce, including configurable digital career pathways, streamlining analog work instructions into digital paths, hybrid-based supervisor development programs, and a high-touch enablement process that leverages people and technology. For more information, visit workforge.com