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Warren Wandling

Business Operations and Leadership

Warren Wandling is an expert facilitator, leadership coach, keynote speaker, and communication expert. Warren developed and leads two signature programs, Leadership with Purpose and Essential Skills for First-Time Supervisors, in partnership with UMKC TalentLink. He partners with leadership-driven companies and individuals to increase their productivity, clarify their purpose, and improve communication skills. Warren has trained and coached leaders in the public, private, and government sectors. He is the founder and host of the How to Become an Obstacle Buster podcast, interviewing industry leaders who share their top strategies to breakthrough obstacles. When Warren is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters, serving in the community, and running across the Midwest. Warren’s completed a marathon, exhibiting the grit and perseverance he trains leaders to develop!


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Essential Skills for First-Time Supervisors: Many ideas and tools to help in my role as office manager at our firm. I will refer to the handouts and notes often.
Class Participant
Essential Skills for First-Time Supervisors: Understanding my personality and others will help in knowing how to best communicate effectively with my team.
Class Participant
Essential Skills for First-Time Supervisors: What I learned will make me more confident, understanding and self-aware.
Class Participant
Essential Skills for First-Time Supervisors: What I learned will help me in my career by listening and thinking of others’ emotions and feelings in situations. Building trust takes time and it is built just as much indirectly as directly.
Class Participant