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Improving Practice Management

Annie Alexander (RN, MBA, CMRM) is the CEO and co-Founder of CiBR Solutions. She is an RN with more than 10 years of healthcare IT management experience. CiBR Solutions is part of the nation’s largest network of Medical Revenue Management companies, and specializes in revenue cycle optimization, private practice business support, and improving practice management. “I’m passionate about making independent practices more streamlined and profitable.”

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Practice Management: I learned how to be better at certain conflicts with others, such as staff. I also learned the difference between clinical management and practical management.
Course Participant
Practice Management: Learning my leadership style and how to prevent burnout will help me move forward in my career.
Course Participant
Practice Management: Going over leadership and communication styles was informative and opened my eyes to areas I needed to work on.
Course Participant
Practice Management: This was valuable information. The session I attended on workplace culture and practice management was a reminder of how important communication is in establishing a positive working environment for your team/organization.
Course Participant