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Communicating Financial Goals and Performance

Ideas that require firm resources also require evidence that benefits outweigh the costs. Learn and apply best practices for making a business case for new projects and strategies.


Influence, Persuasion, & Impact

As leaders who collaborate with others across a variety of venues, your survival is contingent upon your ability to form trusting relationships with senior leaders, stakeholders, clients, peers, and direct reports. Without trust, you cannot be successful in influencing and advancing the businesses, organizations, and people you serve.


Developing Your Executive Presence & Expanding Your Career

Do you project confidence? Are you able to command a room? Do people stop and listen when you speak? If so, you have likely mastered the art of executive presence. There is always room for growth in how we are perceived. Executive presence is all about maintaining poise, reading others, influencing in all directions and communicating seamlessly with our words, voices, and bodies. Fair or not, how you come across to others factors into promotion decisions; nearly 60% of recently surveyed CEOs indicated as much.


Advanced Financial Decision Making

One of the big challenges in business is dealing with uncertainty. Learn the basic framework for how to make financially solid decisions that minimize risk and maximize return.


Creating and Delivering Effective and Engaging Training

We can all think of times when we have been part of great learning events, and times that we have been on the receiving end of, well…not-so-great training. What was the difference between those good and bad events? Was it the content? Was the delivery ‘death-by-PowerPoint’? Was it not-interactive or was it rushed or drawn-out? Point being, many things can derail training. As supervisors, leaders, managers, and as individual contributors, we facilitate learning every day in a multitude of ways. We hope to deliver great learning, but perhaps do not always feel confident and up to the task. Developing the know-how and skills that will help you organize for and effectively facilitate training in a variety of situations, can make the difference between good and bad events.


Planning for Projects and Change: Essential Tools for Change Management

Facing uncertainty and operating in a mind-set of not knowing but needing to execute can be both a challenge and an opportunity to engage with our stakeholders in a meaningful way. Throughout this workshop, participants will explore tools and discuss best-practices to help manage both the organization of project and change planning in order to help drive the adoption of new initiatives.


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