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UMKC Data Analytics Workshop Series

Using data science and analytics to solve your organization’s problems is knowing the right questions and applying the right methods.

What’s the problem I’m trying to solve? Do I have all the data that is available? Which data is valuable for my specific problem? What programming language should I use? How should this data be visualized?

If you know your data, then you’ll know the answer.

Through the UMKC Data Analytics Workshop Series, you will learn how to make your data work for you.

Our courses are designed for workers who want to gain a competitive edge in their careers, or for organizations that need to upskill and reskill their employees to take advantage of the benefits that data science offers. Our instructors guide you through an interactive class session, where you will learn by doing.

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Introduction to Data Analytics

This non-technical introduction to data analytics presents data science as a process that can be leveraged for strategic decision making. Participants will not only learn the terminology of data science, but more importantly consider the big questions that they should be asking in their organizations.

Data Analytics Primer

The velocity and volume of data in today’s workplace can be overwhelming. In this workshop, participants will explore methods for separating the signals from the noise. A gentle, intuitive introduction to statistics, this workshop illustrates the power of models to derive knowledge from data.

Python Boot Camp

A working understanding of Python is a highly sought-after skill in today’s data science job market. This Python Boot Camp provides attendees with a non-technical introduction to Python applications for data cleaning, merging, visualizing, and analyzing data. Leveraging Jupyter Notebooks, attendees will be empowered to answer the important questions for their organizations.

R Boot Camp

Open-source and up-to-date, R is the programming language for data analytics. This boot camp introduces students to R through a process of guided examples, ensuring a broad understanding of how it can easily address your analytical needs.

SQL  Boot Camp

Storing, cataloging, and retrieving data has become essential in today’s data-rich environment. SQL has been the workhorse of database management for a generation and remains a bedrock tool for modern data science. This workshop introduces students to the SQL environment, principles of database management, and basic tools for working with databases.

Data Visualization with R

Communicating knowledge has become paramount as consumers, clients, and citizens wade through data. Visualization is the science of communicating inference from data analysis concisely and accurately. This workshop leverages R as a tool for creating visually appealing and persuasive data stories.

Data Dashboards with Tableau

Tableau has become an essential tool for visualizing and communicating data analysis to customers, executives, and other end users. This course leverages Tableau to help attendees create functional, attractive, and relevant dashboards as tools to communicate important data to internal and external stakeholders.

Spatial Data Analysis

Where we are matters. In the workshop you will learn basic techniques for understanding the impact of geography on your organization.  Participants will use both ArcGIS Online and ESRI Business Analysts to address real world problems.


Anyone interested in learning more about data analytics! From current students who want to graduate with some data analytics knowledge, to top executives hoping to make their data-based decision making stronger.

However, these courses are intro-level in nature, so anyone with significant experience in one of the topics probably won’t learn anything new from that course (ex. someone who already uses Python regularly should not attend the Python Boot Camp).

The categories – Foundational, Language, and Application – help to explain which part of the data analytics process each of the courses relate to. We want people to understand the lifecycle of data and how to interact with it during each stage.

Our foundational courses are great for anyone. Introduction to Data Analytics will give you a framework for understanding the data process and how to think more strategically about data. Data Analytics Primer teaches methods for separating your useful data from the noise, and ways to begin understanding that data. Executives and mid-level managers with less data experience especially like these courses.

Our language courses are more hard-skills focused. While they are introductory level and don’t require any previous experience with the specific tools, it will help to have a general understanding of the computing environment. People who want to start learning a programming language, or those who want to learn a new language thrive in these courses.

Our application courses are some of the most fun. Participants learn the basics of visualization tools like Tableau and Business Analyst to create visually appealing data they can use for effective storytelling. Anyone interested in making data more widely interesting and accessible will like these courses.

Each two-day course is $275 per person, and the half-day Introduction to Data Analytics course is $135 per person.

With each course you receive:

  • Live instruction from an expert in the field
  • Activities and assignments to practice skills
  • An open office hour with the instructor (when applicable)
  • Extended access to all of the course materials and resources
  • A certificate of completion from UMKC TalentLink
  • Opportunities to interact & network with other participants

Discounts are available for UMKC students, faculty, and staff. We also offer group discounts for organizations. Contact us for details.

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