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Sales Enablement for Product Professionals

Learn the importance of Sales Enablement, how it fits into sales performance, product management and entrepreneurship, and the starter kit you need to implement this practice.

Learn about sales enablement to improve your sales operation from UMKC TalentLInk

Class Description

Sales enablement drives the success of your product and can help boost sales. How? Generating impressive product sales does not happen in a vacuum. Once a company builds and releases a product, the sales team needs the right training and assets to identify potential clients. They need support to qualify prospects and close the sale. Sales Enablement plays a key role. Learn how it fits into sales performance, product management, and entrepreneurship.  

Sales Enablement Key Topics 

  • Learn the fundamental concept and tools. 
  • Processes and documents that form the backbone of a sales enablement playbook.  
  • Workshop discussion and practice with documents that illustrate key concepts. 


  • Understand the fundamental components of sales enablement. 
  • How it connects to a new product release and potential sales success. 
  • Receive a playbook with templates and documents.  
  • Gain hands-on workshop experience to apply sales enablement tools and skills.
  • Learn tips on how to implement a program in an organization, and transition exercises from classroom to the workplace. 

About The Instructor

Seth Kakuske, product manager at Optimally, leads a course designed for sales operations and product marketing teams. Kakuske draws from 16 years of product marketing experience in the software industry, where he has worked with both multinational and startup companies. Read more about the course in this Q&A.

“Any company that is growing their sales team could benefit from this course,” Kakuske says.  “Companies want to ensure they have good systems established so new sales team members have the tools they need to start generating revenue for the company.”

These insights may also spur new ideas at companies seeking to add or update their existing playbook. The course goes beyond discussion. Kakuske says, “We’ll workshop a couple of items as a group, so you get actual ‘hands on’ time creating documents as a group.”