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Prioritizing Marketing Efforts for Nonprofits

Learn time-honored marketing strategies that a nonprofit leader or marketer can apply to prioritize and develop its unique marketing mix.

EAG Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Randolph

Marketers and nonprofit leaders have more options, tools, and channels to use than ever before. Which tactics are right for you, and which are a waste of your marketing budget? That answer will change with time and likely won’t even match what your competitors are doing. Assuming your product and price are right, where should you focus your time and resources to get the most from your (frequently all-too-limited) marketing budget? 

This session presents time-honored strategies that nonprofit leaders and their marketing teams can apply today to prioritize and develop your unique marketing mix. You’ll walk away with principles and a framework to reach your goals, evaluate success, and keep moving forward. 

EAG Advertising & Marketing Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Randolph addresses this topic, bringing a wealth of industry experience and proven strategies to the workshop.