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Introduction to Machine Learning

This machine learning course covers algorithms, programming languages, specific techniques used, and types of machine learning.

Machine learning

Class Description

The Introduction to Machine Learning course will allow you to learn about specific techniques used in supervised, unsupervised, and semi-supervised learning, including which applications each type of machine learning is best suited for and the type of training data each requires.

Lessons include topics such as

  • Which Problems Can Machine Learning Solve?
  • Building and Deploying Machine Learning Apps
  • Working with Data

You will discover how to differentiate offline and online training and predictions, automated machine learning, and how the cloud environment affects machine learning functions. Additionally, you will explore some of the most significant areas in the field of machine learning research.

About the Instructor

David Iseminger is an author and technology veteran with expertise in computing, networking, wireless and cloud technologies, data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. He is the founder and CEO of the blockchain company that created IronWeave, the unlimited scale blockchain platform, based on his patent-pending blockchain innovations and inventions.

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