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Become a Certified Pharmaceutical Sales Representative 

Train online to become a certified pharmaceutical sales representative and begin a career in medical sales.

Get training to become a certified Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and begin a career in medical sales.

In this career training program, you will gain a strong core of technical, scientific, and medical concepts and knowledge. This course of study provides all of the cornerstone areas necessary for any pharmaceutical sales representative which includes training on compliance, ethics, and regulations influencing the pharmaceutical industry.

You will learn the origins of medical words and how to recognize prefixes and suffixes used in medical terminology. Then you will learn about the body as a whole and how to differentiate cells, tissues, organs, systems, and cavities. Next, you will learn to define and describe the function of each system of the human body.

By successfully completing and passing all sections, you will receive a Pharmaceutical Representative Certification (PRC) offered by the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA).

  • Opportunities to Work in Medicine – Pharmaceutical sales enables you to work in the medical field but avoid the stress that comes along with caring for patients.
  • Positive Impact On Peoples’ Health – You will sell products to hospitals and clinics that can have a positive impact on their patients’ health. 
  • Flexibility – The role offers flexible work hours and the ability to work in a variety of settings.
  • Ample Room for Career Growth – Once you gain experience as a salesperson, you can advance to sales manager and higher-paying roles with additional training and skills development.
  • Continuous Learning – The medical field constantly changes as new products are created, new drug combinations are found to be effective, and equipment gets even better and produces more finely tuned results. Active learning is necessary to find solutions for your clients’ needs and find out what advances are working. 

Soft skills needed include a persuasive personality, customer service, time management, organization, confidence, and internal drive to meet with clients, travel, attend conferences, and present yourself and your products well.

What you will learn from this course

  • Professional ethics related to opioid use
  • Ways to prevent fraud and abuse of prescription drugs
  • Medical terminology and abbreviations
  • FDA laws and regulations related to pharmaceutical industry marketing
  • Pharmacoeconomic and pharmacology principles
  • Anatomical and physiological effects of drugs
  • How to analyze peer-reviewed literature

How you will benefit from this course

  • Learn the technical and scientific competencies necessary for any successful pharmaceutical sales representative
  • Understand industry standards for professional ethics related to certain medicines
  • Enhance your soft skills and learn how to be an effective sales professional
  • Learn medical terminology to better communicate with medical professionals
  • Earn a Pharmaceutical Representative Certification (PRC) offered by the Accreditation Council for Medical Affairs (ACMA)