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Bloch Executive Education serves the Kansas City community and beyond by providing leadership development programs that will provoke thought and challenge perspectives to promote innovative insights and business best practices.

Through curriculum with real-world examples and action planning, our programs provide transformative learning that prepares leaders to drive your organization forward.

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The Bloch Strategic Leadership Program is a six-month active learning experience for working professionals who want to grow as leaders and gain a holistic view of the challenges facing business today.

  • Learn from business leaders and academic practitioners who bring experience and insight to the classroom.
  • Understand and implement concepts, tools, and frameworks for solving complex business challenges.
  • Approach problem-solving from a customer-focused perspective.
  • Practice design-thinking methodology that employs creativity and ideation.

The Bloch Executive Series Leadership Track is designed to allow you to focus on building the skills and competencies that will help you shape your personal and professional development. Choose to enroll in any four of our Executive Seminars and upon completion, you will be awarded the non-degree, Leadership Certificate.

The Bloch Executive Series Leadership Track is designed to take your career to the next level by focusing on the leadership skills you most need to grow. You have two years from the date of purchase to complete your certificate.

In this four-month, in-person and online program, participants will be introduced to, and will practice, design thinking methods that aid decision-making in complex environments. You will be challenged to use the methodology to enhance your current creative skill sets and develop strategies for growing creative processes in your work domains.

Through this program you will work along design thinking practitioners and engage with real-world challenges. Participants will practice the key elements of the design thinking process:

  • Listening with empathy to obtain valuable insights
  • Understanding problems from a user perspective
  • Crafting problem statements
  • Ideating user-based solutions
  • Developing prototype solutions
  • Testing ideas and adapting design based on feedback

The Bloch Financial Management Certificate is designed for professionals who are interested in understanding the role of financial management and strategy in today’s business operations. We understand that many professionals have some experience working with financials but may not be financial managers. At Bloch, we believe that you can benefit by taking the time to explore financial topics with a seasoned instructor. By learning the language, tools, and decision-making processes that tie into financial strategy, we can help you grow as a leader with the knowledge of business finance and acumen.

Participants with financial experience, as well as those coming from non-financial management backgrounds, are welcome to take part in the Financial Management Certificate.

By completing four Bloch Executive Series seminars, including at least three from the list below, you’ll earn a non-degree certificate in Financial Management. Participants have two years from the date of purchase to complete their certificate.

  • Basic Accounting
  • Using and Understanding Financial Statements
  • Budgeting
  • Advanced Financial Decision Making
  • Communicating Financial Goals and Performance
  • Firm Valuation and Mergers and Acquisitions