Making Data Science Accessible

Data Science is one of the fastest-growing careers in the country today, and has been repeatedly labeled as the “sexiest job of the 21st century” – all with good reason. Data-driven decision making and storytelling are crucial in today’s workplace, but separating the signal from the noise in our data-flooded world can be overwhelming. Telling a meaningful story with that data is harder still.

It’s no wonder professionals with the skills to organize and interpret this data are in such high demand. But understanding how data can enrich our work and improve strategic decision making is important for everyone.

The Problem of Data

Companies often experience a breakdown between their data professionals and decision makers. Data professionals may lack the skills to share findings in an engaging and accessible way, and executives may lack the knowledge of how to ask for the data they want.

Similarly, you may be curious how data analytics can improve your research, refresh your career, or inform important projects, but have no idea where to start.

The Data Analytics Workshop Series

UMKC is committed to closing these knowledge gaps and demystifying data science through our Data Analytics Workshop Series. The Institute for Data Education, Analytics, and Science (IDEAS) offers eight workshops designed as non-intimidating introductions to data-based strategic thinking, popular programming languages, and top visualization tools in the field today – all with support from live instructors with years of real-world data analytics experience.

Participants can attend individual courses based on interests, or register for a non-degree certificate in data analytics. The next series begins May 8, 2021!

2021 Course List

Foundational Courses

Introduction to Data Analytics May 8

Data Analytics Primer Starting May 15

Language Courses

Python Bootcamp | Starting June 5

R Bootcamp | Starting June 19

SQL Bootcamp | Starting Fall TBD

Application Courses

Data Dashboards with Tableau | Starting Fall TBD

Data Visualization Starting Fall TBD

Spatial Data Analysis Starting Fall TBD

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